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Cost Effective and Creative: Civil Litigation

As a business owner, it is important to protect your business interests at all times. For this reason, a commercial civil litigation attorney is imperative to have in the event of a legal dispute with another company. While some companies may attempt to take on this legal side of business practice themselves, it is best to have an attorney handle these issues. The attorneys at McDonald & McDonald are here to explain this in-depth process to you.

What is Commercial Civil Litigation?

Commercial civil litigation is a lawsuit between two businesses where one is seeking monetary compensation from the other for the breach of an agreement. As a civil litigation attorney would explain, there are some ways in which cases that fall under the category of commercial litigation are similar to those that are civil litigation cases. They both require gathering of facts and information, retaining an attorney, filing suits, and negotiations. It differs from civil litigation because it involves companies and may be filed in a federal court. Furthermore, commercial cases, which typically aren’t handled by civil litigation attorneys, are more complex, generally take much longer than individual cases, and tend to cost much more. A few different types of commercial litigation cases include:

What Can an Attorney Do for My Business?

Many businesses may wonder why having a commercial civil litigation lawyer is important. They may even attempt to handle these legal issues on their own which can be detrimental to their company. A commercial civil litigation lawyer is well-versed in the practice of this area of law and will know what course of action should be taken. The attorney will direct the company in gathering all necessary information and taking all pertinent actions to ensure that all requirements are met when filing the lawsuit. The lawyer will also represent the business in court and follow the case all the way through until its completion.

McDonald & McDonald provides a wide array of services, specializing in commercial civil litigation. Their professionalism coupled with their expertise makes them a top choice for representation for any company. Contact their office for a consultation and to ask any questions you have.