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Hate your Landlord? How to Resolve Landlord/Tenant Disputes

There are a many advantages to renting a house or apartment. One of the biggest advantages of being a renter is that it’s the landlord’s responsibility to take care of any problems. A tenant has the peace of mind of knowing his landlord is responsible for taking care of a great many things such as making repairs and paying property taxes.

However, sometimes, the landlord is the problem. Unfortunately, a lot of landlords fail to live up to their legal responsibilities. In many cases, in addition to not fulfilling his legal obligation to the tenant, the landlord becomes an annoying and intrusive part of a tenant’s daily life. When this happens, you may naturally start resenting, and even hating, your landlord. If you are having problems with your landlord, you should immediately contact a general practice lawyer in Miami.

Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Law

In Florida, both the landlord and the tenant have a duty to fulfill specified legal obligations. These legal rights and obligations specified in the Florida Residential Landlord Tenant Act. Tenants in Florida are entitled to enjoy the private and peaceful possession of the property they rent. This means that the landlord can’t keep bothering you with a lot of unwelcome and intrusive visits. If a landlord needs to come onto the property, he must give the tenant reasonable notice. The landlord is also responsible for ensuring the property is fit to live in. This can include things like maintaining the house’s plumbing, heating and other basic necessities of a habitable dwelling. Conversely, the tenant also has specified legal obligations to fulfill such as paying rent in a timely manner.

Landlord-Tenant law in Florida can be complicated. If you are having problems with your landlord, you need to get help from a general practice lawyer in Miami.

McDonald & McDonald

Experience counts when you are looking for a landlord attorney. The Law Firm of McDonald and McDonald has been helping people successfully resolve legal disputes since 1927. If you are having problems with your landlord, don’t try too handle things on your own. You have too much to lose! Landlord tenant law is complicated and any mistakes that you make can be very costly. Call the Miami lawyers at McDonald & McDonald today for a confidential case evaluation.